Name Year
Tan Hoay Gie 1966 – 1967
A.G. Mackenzie 1968
A.D. Moodie 1969
Maurice C. Lee 1970
Tan Hoay Gie 1971
A.T. Shimpi 1972
Chew Loy Kiat 1973  1975
A.T. Shimpi 1976 – 1979
Tan Hoay Gie 1978 – 1979
Hwang Soo Jin 1980  1981
Koh Bee Chye 1982 – 1983
Teo Kwang Whee 1984 – 1985
Hwang Soo Jin 1986 – 1987
Koh Bee Chye 1988 – 1989
Peter Lee Bong Soo 1990  1991
Peter Yap Kim Kee 1992 – 1993
David Chan Mun Wai 1994 – 1995
Loo Sun Mun 1996 – 1997
Albert Koh 1998 – 1999
Seow Nee Chek 2000
Law Song Keng 2001 – 2002
Terence Tan 2003 – 2004
Derek Teo 2005 – 2013
A.K. Cher 2013  2018
Karl Hamann 2018  2019 (Jun)
A K Cher 2019 (Jun)  2020 (Mar)

Request for Proposal: Agents' Registration and CPD Management (ARCM) and Industry Performance Statistics Reporting (IPSR) Systems

 Click on the links below to download the material

1.Request for Proposal Document 

2.Price Schedule 

3.Non-Disclosure Agreement

4.Questions & Answers

Timelines for the RFP is as follows:
- 02 June  2021: RFP Publication Date by GIA
- 11 June 2021:  Vendor Clarifications by Email
- 02 July 2021:   RFP Submission Date
- To be Advised:  Shortlisted Vendor Presentation 

GIA Insurance Fraud Tip-Off (GIFT) 

Choose Reward, Don't Get Caught.


Click here to submit a report 


(1) What is the GIFT Reward Scheme? 

The GIFT reward scheme is the latest initiative developed by the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) in its efforts in combating insurance fraud. It rewards individuals up to S$10,000 - based on the equivalent value of the fraudulent claim(s) - for reporting insurance fraud that lead to successful prosecution and conviction of offenders of general insurance fraud concerning GIA member companies.

Insurance fraud is a serious concern that affects everyone. It costs the insurance sector millions of dollars each year and also costs the consumer – from insurance buyers to public transport users to patients seeking medical treatment.

The reward scheme encourages members of the public to report suspected insurance fraud cases by coming forward with information and supporting evidence to GIA.

Informants are paid if their information has led to successful conviction of the offender.

Click here for the terms and conditions of the GIFT Reward Scheme.


(2) What is the investigation process like? 

After a report is received, GIA will review the information and evidence provided. If the report has enough evidence to make out a case, we send the details to the affected insurers to investigate, and co-ordinate cases involving more than 1 insurer.

If the insurers conclude that there is strong suspicion or evidence of fraud, they will report the case to the law enforcement agencies.

The law enforcement agencies will investigate and prosecute the suspect where evidence has been made out.


(3) What is the role of the GIA? 

We collect and review the reports if there is enough evidence to make out a case to start an investigation. If the report has enough evidence to make out a case, we send the details to the affected insurers to investigate, and co-ordinate cases involving more than 1 insurer.

We and our members have worked with the law enforcement authorities in Singapore to report and prosecute fraudsters. Many insurance fraudsters have been convicted and these cases have been reported in the news (e.g. TODAYonline article – “Man wants free repair for damaged car, so he takes part in fake accident”Man wants free repair for damaged car, so he takes part in fake accident” published on 3 June 2019).


Stakeholder  Role 
GIA  Conducts first level screening and initiates joint investigations with affected insurers
Insurer  Investigates the claim and reports the offence to the law enforcement agencies
Law Enforcement Agencies  Investigates and prosecutes the offenders under the relevant laws such as the Penal Code


 GIA pays the reward. 


(4) How can I report a case? 

Members of the public who have been approached to participate in insurance fraud, such as by making false or inflated claims, or have firsthand information and relevant and specific evidence about others carrying out insurance fraud can submit reports online at:

You should make a report only if you have direct access to inside information about the fraud. Hearsay information (e.g. an overheard conversation from unknown third parties) is unlikely to be useful to make out a case.


(5) What kind of evidence must I submit? 

Documentary evidence should show proof that the parties have conducted or are conducting insurance fraud. These include:
a. Detailed descriptions of how the fraud was conducted, the parties involved and their roles
b. Electronic document trails such as screenshots of email or phone messages
c. Digital proof such as photos, voice or video recordings, call logs
d. Actual copies or proof of forged or tampered documents that provide evidence of fraud
e. Documents showing money transfers for the payments for wrongdoing
f. Any other physical/digital evidence that can prove wrongdoing

The better the evidence, the more likelihood of success in making out the case.


(6) When is the reward paid out? 

After successful prosecution and conviction of the offender, GIA will pay the informant the equivalent value of the fraudulent claim up to S$10,000.

We can only pay informants that have given us their particulars when making the report.


(7) What if I don't give my particulars and contact details 

We understand that not everyone who reports wrongdoing may want to claim the reward.

If you have submitted a case with actionable evidence, we will investigate the case. However, without your particulars, we cannot pay you after the offender is convicted.


(8) Can I make the report verbally instead of online? 

As we will need the evidence to be submitted together with the report, you need to make the report online. Reports without actionable evidence are not likely to be useful.


(9) What are some real-life cases of insurance fraud? 
(All names have been changed for annonymity)

10 Month’s Jail for Committing Insurance Fraud

Lydia who was being hospitalized for minor injuries received from a motorbike lesson, was approached by Henry while still in hospital. Knowing that Lydia could not claim monetary expenses for her minor mishap, Henry told Lydia that he could help her get some money if she would contact him after she was discharged.

When they subsequently met, Henry brought along a friend and instructed Lydia to file a false motor accident report, offering $100 to lodge the report. Henry taught the pair to claim that they were on a motorbike when a taxi abruptly cut into their lane, sending them both skidding.

While Henry’s friend pulled out at the last minute, Lydia went ahead to make the false accident report with her insurance company.

However when the insurance company started their investigations into her claim, Lydia decided to come clean about falsifying the accident report in a bid to make $6,000 in insurance pay-out.

The court found the pair guilty and sentenced both Henry and Lydia to jail. As the instigator, Henry was jailed 10 months and Lydia was jailed 5 months for her involvement.

What it could have been: Report instead of supporting, avoid going to jail and be awarded instead!

If Lydia had reported the case to GIA with evidence such as electronic records of messages from Henry instructing her how to carry out the false claim, she would have been awarded up to S$6,000 for her tip-off instead of being sent to jail for 5 months.


Charged for Architecting Insurance Fraud

On 22 January 2019, 2 men and a woman were charged in court for their suspected involvement in insurance fraud.

On 20 March 2018, the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) commenced investigations against a male chiropractor and two insurance agents for abetment to cheat an insurance company through false personal accident claims for treatments received at the chiropractor’s clinics located at Tampines and Tanjong Pagar. Investigations revealed that between June 2017 and March 2018, the trio were believed to have conspired with one another, to instigate patients receiving treatment for pre-existing medical conditions at the chiropractor’s clinics, to purchase personal accident insurance policies.

The patients could then make false personal accident claims against the insurance policies, for injuries purportedly sustained after they bought the policies, in order to receive payout from the insurance company for their chiropractic treatment.

There were 17 false claims totalling more than $17,000, out of which about $4,450 was paid out.

What it could have been: Report instead of supporting, avoid going to jail and be awarded instead!

If you were one of the patients already undergoing chiropractic treatment and approached by people who persuade you to buy a personal accident policy from them, and tell you that you could make false insurance claims for your future treatments by claiming that your injuries were sustained after you bought the policy, you should report this.

Collect and provide evidence such as email or text message trails, call logs and voice recordings of the wrongdoing.

By reporting the fraud instead of joining it, you can save yourself from being prosecuted and jailed, and earn yourself a reward instead.

Or if you were working at the chiropractic clinic or insurance agency, and have direct knowledge and evidence of your co-workers or business partners conducting insurance fraud, you should report it and earn the reward after they have been successfully convicted.


Insufficient Evidence to Prove Wrongdoing

Mr Ong’s car bumped into the bumper of another vehicle. Mr Ong did not see any visible damage to the other vehicle when he inspected the damage after the minor collision. After the accident, the owner of the other vehicle made a claim against Mr Ong for $3,000 damage to his vehicle.

Mr Ong, under the impression that the claim was unjustified, reported the matter to GIA claiming that the other party filed a fraudulent claim.

Mr Ong was unable to produce evidence such as in-car camera recordings that could show clearly that the other vehicle did not sustain damage as a result of that accident. He also could not submit evidence of the other party aggravating the damage after the accident.

Tip: A Case Cannot Be Made with only a Report without Enough Evidence

To prove wrongdoing, allegations, opinions or hearsay is not enough. The evidence must show that the alleged fraudulent act did take place.


Click on the links below to download the material. 

1. Call-for-Proposals Document 

2. Price Schedule 

3. Non-Disclosure Agreement (Great Eastern Life) 

4. Non-Disclosure Agreement (IHiS) 

5. Additional Bidder Information (All bidders must submit this document) 

6. List of Prospective Bidders 

7. Q&A Part 1 *updated 8 April 2021*

8. Q&A Part 2 *updated 12 April 2021*




Who can bid? 

1. Is the Call-for-Proposals (CFP) open to an overseas solution provider?

A: The CFP is not restricted to Singapore-based companies. However, overseas bidders need to make a case why not having a physical presence in Singapore is not an insurmountable risk/not a deal-breaker. Specifically, do take note of paragraph 5.1 of the CFP document, i.e. bidders shall have the familiarity and experience with the HIIP use cases, including the processes, data requirements and relevant regulations in Singapore.

Prospective bidders that do not name a Singapore-based entity for the NDA will not be given the additional information in 6.2.2.

2. Is consortium submission acceptable? If yes what are the criteria for the consortium members?
3. Is this pilot project open to all type of companies to submit a proposal for?

A: Bids by corsortia are acceptable and should make clear the roles of each party and who will be the contracting parties. Bidders may consider a consortium useful to show their familiarity and experience with the HIIP use cases, including the processes, data requirements and relevant regulations, and their ability to deliver the full solution. Bidders may add parties to their consortium between the indication of interest and submitting the bid.


Bid Process 

1. All clarification will close after 29 March, can we still send after 29 March if we do have questions?
A: We will take stock of all questions received by 29 March and publish an answer to the combined questions to all prospects. We will collect questions for another 2 weeks until 12 April and publish an answer to the combined questions to all prospects.

2. Will there be a briefing after expression of interest and sending in of clarification questions? If yes when would that likely take place?
A: We will consider holding a briefing after 29 March.

3. When would bidders be expected to know the outcome of their submission?
A: Depending on the bids received, we may take longer to finish reviewing all. The final outcome can be expected by June and the MVP live pilot started 6 months after.



Healthcare and insurance cross-sector alliance invites proposals to develop integrated platform for hospitalisation claims to kickstart pilot programme


Singapore, 15 March 2021 — The cross-sector alliance between Singapore’s healthcare and insurance sectors, represented by the General Insurance Association Singapore (GIA Singapore), Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA Singapore) and Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) have jointly announced a Call-for-Proposal (CFP) to develop an end-to-end health insurance claims platform to improve patient experience and enhance operational efficiency. This initiative aligns with the nation’s move towards a digital, innovation-driven economy that would bring wider benefits to Singaporeans.

The CFP will open from 15 March 2021, and close on 26 April 2021. Interested parties are required to express their interest and submit their clarifications to the nominated email address stated in the CFP document by 29 March 2021.

The integrated platform aims to bring the following benefits to patients, healthcare providers, and insurers:

Convenient access to patient’s insurance policy details – Healthcare providers will be able to retrieve details of patient’s relevant policy coverage information for Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) and Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance (GH&S), to ascertain if admission deposit can be waived.

Faster claims processing – Healthcare providers can submit claims digitally to the insurers on behalf of patients, and insurers can obtain necessary billing and medical data digitally from the healthcare providers.

Seamless authorisation of data release – Patients will be able to authorise the release of relevant data, including medical records and insurance policy details, to insurers or healthcare providers, digitally through their Singpass app.

Timelier exchange of data – Healthcare providers can provide timely bill information and updates of the patients’ status, including the length of hospitalisation stays, to both patients and insurers. This allows insurers to quickly provide updates on the estimated claimable amount.

The participating organisations for this pilot include KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore General Hospital (SGH), and The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited (GEL). The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Once developed, the integrated platform will be deployed as a live pilot with policyholders from the participating insurer being the first to gain access. The end objective is to scale the platform for nation-wide adoption.

Mr Ho Kai Weng, Chief Executive, GIA Singapore, said, “The demand for healthcare and insurance services are expected to exponentially increase alongside Singapore’s ageing population, with one in four reaching 65 years of age or older by 2030. This Call-for-Proposal aims to build a unified ecosystem to improve the patient experience by increasing interoperability between the healthcare and insurance industries as well as eliminating cost inefficiencies.”

Ms Pauline Lim, Executive Director, LIA Singapore, said, “Ensuring policyholders receive timely and quality support for their healthcare needs is the foremost priority for life insurers. This cross-sector pilot programme reflects the insurance industry’s commitment to leverage digitalisation to future-proof its ability to meet increased patient demand by enhancing the end-to-end hospitalisation experience.”

Mr Guai Eng Chun, Assistant Chief Executive, IHiS, said, “Traditionally, the insurance claims process for patient care has been largely paper-based due to the need for information exchanges between multiple systems by different healthcare institutions and insurers. This may take up to months and inconvenience patients. By bringing together healthcare and insurance institutions and facilitating a harmonised and secure data exchange, we look forward to playing an active role for public healthcare in co-developing an integrated ecosystem which will bring more convenience to patients and speed up the end-to-end claim process through this Call-for-Proposal.”

Mr Patrick Kok, Managing Director, Group Operations, Great Eastern said, “We are happy to be the insurer to support this industry pilot, which aligns very well with our focus on customer-centricity. The move towards an integrated platform will be a significant step towards providing a seamless healthcare-insurance claims journey for our customers. We look forward to the delivery of a better and more transparent experience, so that our customers can be fully aware and make informed healthcare decisions.”

Timelines for the CFP are as follows:
- 15 March 2021: CFP opens
- 29 March 2021: Interested parties must express their interest and submit their clarifications
- 26 April 2021:Deadline for final submissions



 Request for Proposal - Landscape Survey of the Regulation and Accreditation of Motor Surveyors


Click on the links below to download the material. 

1. Call-for-Proposals Document 

2. Q&A (updated 2 March 2022)


 Key Dates


Description  Date
 RFP Publication Date by GIA   14 February 2022
 Service Provider Clarifications by Email  25 February 2022 
 RFP Submission Date  14 March 2022, 5pm   
 Shortlisted Service Provider's Presentation      To be advised 



Established in 1966, the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) works to make all aspects of insurance easier and more effective for consumers, agents and insurance companies in Singapore.

As a Trade Association, GIA's role is to be active in the business community representing the interests of its member companies. GIA helps identify emerging trends and responds to issues affecting the General Insurance industry. It seeks to promote the overall growth and development of the General Insurance sector in Singapore.

GIA encompasses all non-life insurance companies transacting business in Singapore. We are also constantly in the process of improving and achieving our mission and structure to ensure that we continue to meet the business needs of our member companies.

Click here to go to the GIA Member Directory. 



The Singapore General Insurance Code of Practice

The aim of the Code of Practice is to provide clear and consistent standards for the general insurance industry so that a better and more informed relationship between general insurers and their policyholders can be established, thereby improving policyholders’ confidence and trust in the general insurance industry.

Click to view The Singapore General Insurance Code of Practice



GIA-IUMI Asia Forum 2018 – Charting Asia’s Changing Tides
24 - 25 April 2018, Tuesday & Wednesday

Day 1 (24 April 2018): 9.00am to 5.00pm
(Registration commences at 8.00am, cocktail reception to follow after 5.00pm)

Day 2 (25 April 2018): 9.00am to 12.50pm

Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre
Conference Ballroom: Begonia 3001A-3102, Level 3
10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
Click here for directions to and more information on conference venue.

The General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA), in association with the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI), is organising the GIA-IUMI Asia Forum 2018 – Charting Asia’s Changing Tides.

Spanning across 1.5 day, the forum will focus on themes pertinent to Asia and will convene subject matter experts, thought leaders and policymakers to share their expert insights and analysis on the business opportunities and possibilities for the marine insurance and maritime sectors in the Singapore, the region and beyond.

Who Should Attend

• Marine Insurers/Brokers/Reinsurers
• Marine Specialist Underwriters
• Marine Claims Specialists
• Maritime Lawyers
• Regulators
• And all relevant stakeholders

Conference Fee

A conference fee of S$500 (S$535 inclusive of 7% GST) will be charged per delegate.

MCF Training Grant is available for eligible participants.
Please refer to for information.
Approved applicants may receive up to 50% funding under the MCF Training Grant.

How to Register

For Group Registration: For registration of more than three delegates from the same company, do write in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your full contact details.

This seminar is limited to 200 pax only and pre-registration to this conference is required.

Conference Programme*

Day One – Tuesday 24 April 2018

Time Topic Speaker
09.00 am - 09.30 am Opening Address Guest of Honour
Mr Michael Gourlay
Management Committee & MIC Convenor
General Insurance Association of Singapore
09.30 am - 09.50 am Keynote Session 1 Mr Dieter Berg
International Union of Marine Insurance
09.50 am - 10.10 am Keynote Session 2 Mr James Brosnan
General Manager, Insurance
BW Group (Singapore)
10.10 am -10.30 am Networking Tea Break
10.30 am - 11.10 am TBA TBA
11.10 am - 11.45 am Shipping & Trade, Market Outlook and Update Mr Stephen Gordon
Managing Director
Clarkson Research Services Limited
11.45 am - 12.00 pm Panel Discussion (AM)
12.00 pm - 1.30 pm Networking Lunch - Sponsored by MSIG Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
1.30 pm - 1.55 pm Development of LNG Terminals & FSRUs Mr Ton van den Bosch
Energy, terminals and infrastructure Lawyer
Ince & Co LLP
1.55 pm - 2.25 pm Place of Refuge Mr Faz Peermohamed
Partner, Global Head of Shipping, London
Ince & Co LLP, London
2.25 pm - 2.55 pm Safe Ports Mr Richard Neylon
General Manager
Holman Fenwick Willan LLP
2.55 pm - 3.15 pm Networking Tea Break
3.15 pm - 3.45 pm Misappropriation Mr John Minton
Chief Executive Officer
Minton, Treharne & Davies Group MTD (UK)
3.45 pm - 4.25 pm P&I Current Issues Mr John Martin
Chief Executive Officer
Gard (Singapore) Pte Ltd
4.25 pm - 4.50 pm Closing Panel Discussion (PM) - Day One
4.50 pm - 5.00 pm Closing Session for Day One Mr Michael Gourlay
Management Committee & Marine Insurance Committee Convenor
General Insurance Association of Singapore
5.00 pm - 7.00 pm Cocktail Reception (Invitation details to be shared at a later date)


Day Two – Wednesday 25 April 2018

Time Topic Speaker
09.00 am - 09.30 am Cyber Risks Mr Lars Lange
Secretary General
International Union Of Marine Insurance
09.30 am - 10.00 am Maritime Statistics Mr Donald Harrell
Head of International Insurance and Global Head
of Marine
Aspen Insurance UK Limited
10.00 am - 10.20 am Networking Tea Break
10.20 am - 10.50 am New Technology and Cargo Insurance Practice Mr Tom Shinya
Manager, Cargo Underwriting Group
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Company, Co., Ltd
10.50 am - 11.20 am Blockchain in Marine Insurance Mr DJ de Villiers
Insurance Industry Director APAC
IBM Innovation Services Pte Ltd
11.20 am - 11.50 am Smart Logistics Ms Amanda Bjork
General Manager
WK Webster International Pte Ltd
11.50 am - 12.20 pm Unmanned Shipping Prof. Dieter Schwampe
Dabelstein & Passehl Hamburg - Hamburg
12.20 pm - 12.40 pm Closing Panel Discussion - Day Two
12.40 pm - 12.50 pm Closing Address Mr Dieter Berg
International Union of Marine Insurance
12.50 pm - 2.30 pm Lunch / Networking

*Please note that the programme may be subject to change, and will be updated progressively up to the conference. If you have any questions on the programme, please contact the organisers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registrations Closing Date: 13 April 2018

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Industry Guidelines on Training and Competency Requirement and Continuing Professional Development



MAS Notices 211 and 502 published on the MAS website set out the best practice standards in training and competency and continuing professional development (CPD) expected of general insurance agents, Relevant Persons*, and insurance brokers. These Notices include lists of acceptable qualifications in lieu of the CGI qualification.

These guidelines are developed by GIA for the general insurance sector to foster professional standards and enhance confidence in the insurance industry.

GIA does not accredit training programmes or qualifications. Insurers and brokers should use their discretion to determine if the training programmes or qualifications fulfil any one of the categories listed in the table here.

Regulations relating to CPD for general insurance agents are found in GIARR Appendix C – GIA Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development.


Annual Minimum Training Hours 

   Year 1  Year 2  Year 3 onwards
 General Insurance Agents / Relevant Persons* / Insurance Brokers  24 hours  24 hours  15 Hours  
 General and Life Agents (Composite agents)   8 hours (in addition to CPD training requirements as appointed representatives under the Financial Advisers Act)
Trade Specific Agents (Motor)  4 hours   
 Trade Specific Agents (Non-Motor)  None   


Important Notes  

  • Minimum training hours must be completed by 31 Dec each year.

  • During a year, if you are a general insurance agent or Relevant Person* or insurance broker who have moved from one company to another, you can combine the training hours that you have fulfilled in the year at the different companies.

  • If you are a new entrant who becomes a general insurance agent or Relevant Person* or insurance broker on or after 1 Oct in the year, and you have not worked in the general insurance sector before, you need not fulfil the minimum training hours for that year. The clocking of your minimum training hours will start from 1 Jan of the following year. This exemption does not apply to Motor TSAs.

  • Training hours should only be awarded for the training attended after you have become a general insurance agent, Relevant Person*, or insurance broker.


For General Insurance Agents 

  • Your registration with ARB will lapse if you do not fulfil the minimum training requirement.

  • If your registration is lapsed for not fulfilling the minimum training requirement, you may only apply for re-registration after a rehabilitation period of one year.

  • Appeals should be made through your primary principal before 31 Jan. Your primary principal can only make the appeal if it is satisfied with the merits of your appeal and agrees to support it.

  • You may apply for special exemption of the CPD requirement through your primary principal if you are aged 62 and above or medically unfit. Agents given this special exemption:

  1. can only transact their own renewal business;

  2. cannot transact new business;

  3. cannot transact new classes of business; and

  4. cannot take on new principals.


*Relevant Person as defined under MAS Notice 211. 


General Insurance Agents' Registration Regulations (GIARR) (Effective from 1 Mar 2024)


Pay Your Insurance Premiums Directly to Your Insurer

Insurance Premiums

Insurance Premiums


ARB Premium Payment Rules (APPR)

GIARR video

GIARR infographic




Agent Registration

The Insurance Act regulates the distribution of insurance. Section 1A of the Act sets out the interpretation of insurance agent.

If you perform any of these activities, you are likely to be considered to be acting as an insurance agent:

        i. receiving proposals for, or issuing, policies in Singapore;
       ii. collecting or receiving premiums on policies in Singapore; or
      iii. arranging contracts of insurance in Singapore; or
      iv. earning a commission or fee that is tied to the value of the premium transacted; or
      v. providing insurance sales or product advice.

Before acting as an insurance agent for distributing general insurance products, the person or company must register with the Agents' Registration Board (ARB) through the principal insurers that they wish to represent.

Prospective applicants should discuss your business plans with the insurers that you wish to work with and form your opinion on whether you are likely to be acting as an insurance agent. You should seek your own legal advice if you are not clear.

Persons who act as unregistered insurance agents will be referred to the Monetary Authority of Singapore for action under the Insurance Act.

Types of Agents

  • Individual Agent – a person
  • Corporate Agent – a business entity i.e. sole proprietorship, partnership or company registered with ACRA, society/cooperative society registered with Registrar of Societies.
  • Trade Specific Agent (TSA) – a business entity that is engaged in a business where insurance is not its core business. It can act for its principal insurers to sell specific insurance products relating to its core business only.
  • Nominee Agents – a person who acts for the above types of agents. Corporate agents and TSAs must have at least 1 nominee agent at all times.

Applicants are advised to read and understand the rules and regulations before registration. Registered agents will have to abide by the rules at all times. Please refer to the relevant information as follows (click on the links below):

Applicants or agents who have any questions on the requirements or regulations for agents may discuss with their principal insurers.


Registration Fees

License of the registered agents are valid for the calendar year. All registered agents (except for Trade Specific Agents other than Motor Trades) are to fulfil their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements to be qualified for renewal of their license. Agents may refer to this link on CPD requirements.

Applicants applying to be an agent are subjected to a registration fee per Principal representation. The fee shall be paid to the Principal directly. This will also apply to all additional nominees.

Renewal fee per Principal representation will be imposed on all agents (including nominee agents) who have met the requirements upon renewal of license at the end of the year. You may refer to the fees table at this link:

Registration Fees

Agents Search

The public can check if a general insurance agent is registered with ARB, and the insurers that the agent is authorized to represent, by using the agent search module at this link.

When performing a search for an individual agent or a nominee agent, you must have the NRIC/FIN/Passport number or the GIA nominee number.

When performing a search for a corporate agent or trade specific agent, you must have the GIA number, company name or the business registration number.

Registered agents may also use the above link to display their registration status to customers with their mobile devices.


To learn more about the MIB, please visit





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About GIA member insurers, insurance policies, or disputes. 

 GIA is a trade association and does not sell or recommend insurance products, give insurance advice, resolve disputes between insureds and our member insurers, control or influence insurance premiums, or conduct investigations on our member insurers’ market conduct and practices.

 If you think that you have been treated unfairly by your insurer or have an insurance dispute, please refer to our insurance dispute FAQ.

  All GIA member insurers observe 'The Singapore General Insurance Code of Practice' available here.  

About General Insurance Agents and CPD

 If you have a complaint against a general insurance agent, you may provide GIA with specific information and objective evidence for us to assess and decide on the next course of action. If your complaint only contains allegations and has no detailed evidence, it would likely be unactionable.

 If you intend to become a general insurance agent, you may discuss registration requirements with your prospective insurers. Please visit our Agents page for more information. 

 If you are a general insurance agent seeking advice on registration regulations, ARCM issues like resetting or recovering passwords, and other related matters like asking for your GIAS number, please contact your principals for assistance.

 If your query is related to CPD, please visit our Training and Competency page. 

 If your query is related to certification awarded and courses conducted by the Singapore College of Insurance, such as BCP/CGI/PGI/HI, please contact the SCI here.

About Insurance Fraud

If you are reporting a suspected case of insurance fraud, please submit documentary evidence that shows proof that the parties have conducted or are conducting insurance fraud.

A case cannot be made with only a report without enough evidence. For more details on the kind of evidence to submit and our GIFT reward scheme, please click here.


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 Dispute Resolution

If you are unable to resolve a dispute with your insurer and require assistance, you may approach an independent mediation centre, such as the Financial Industry Dispute Resolution Centre (FIDReC), within 6 months of the final reply from your insurer.



To purchase Third Party Motor Accident Reports, please visit the GEARS e-counter: 

• Click here if you are or represent the owner/driver of the vehicle 

• Click here if you are or represent the pedestrian/passenger of the vehicle

• Click here to purchase Vehicle Accident Report History or visit the FAQs here.

WIC Insurance

For employers who are refused WIC insurance quotes from at least 10 WIC designated insurers, please click here.

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To purchase Vehicle Accident Report History, click here.


GIA Internship Programme

The GIA Internship Programme (or GIP as it is commonly known) is an annual talent development initiative introduced in 2008 to provide undergraduates across all disciplines with the opportunity to experience the dynamic general insurance industry.

Interns are attached to participating host companies for a period of 10-12 weeks, working under the guidance of a mentor. The GIP is typically held during the May-August semester break each year. 

A testament to the success of the GIP, over 300 interns from across Singapore's various universities have benefitted from the programme, establishing its positions as a world-class internship programme.

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