Established in 1966, the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) constantly works to make all aspects of general insurance easier and more effective for consumers, agents and insurers based in Singapore.

As a Trade Association, we are actively involved in the business community representing the interests of our member companies. We assist in identifying emerging trends and responds to issues affecting the General Insurance industry. We seek to promote the overall growth and development of the Singapore General Insurance sector.

We are constantly improving our processes to adapt in the ever-changing business landscape, to ensure that our mission and structure continue to meet the business needs of our member companies.

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Mission & Vision

The GIA Constitution empowers the Management Committee to embark on activities that promote and advance the common interests of members and the general insurance industry through:

  • Fostering public confidence in, and respect for, the insurance industry
  • Representing members' interests to Government, trade organisations, similar associations and bodies in other industries
  • Establishing a sound insurance structure and promotion of greater efficiency within the industry
  • Promoting education and training in all aspects of insurance
  • Being a good corporate citizen

Management Committee

GIA's Management Committee is responsible for charting the way forward for the association.

The Committee determines the policies, initiatives and activities to adopt, in the interest of consumers and GIA members.

The Management Committee gives the GIA the direction it needs to develop the Singapore insurance industry.

Members of the Management Committee (2024-2026)


Ronak Shah (QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd)


Andrew Yeo (Income Insurance Limited)

Honorary Secretary 

Jimmy Tong (Great Eastern General Insurance Limited)

Honorary Treasurer 

Scott Spaven (AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd)


Hicham Raissi (Allianz Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd)


Hng Keng Yoong (Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited)


Adrian Vincent (FWD Singapore Pte. Ltd.)


Yasar Fistikci (Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd)


Mack Eng (MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)



 Agents' Registration Board


Jimmy Tong (Great Eastern General Insurance Limited)


Pamela Yeo (AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd)


Andrew Lee (China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd)


Jean Ong (Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited)


Kevin Xiong (Direct Asia Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd)


Adam Tang (EQ Insurance Company Limited)


Cecilia Siah (Income Insurance Limited)


Sheena Tan (Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd)


Edna Ngo (Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd)


Joanne Huang (Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd)


Standing Committees 


 Insurance Fraud Committee   


Andrew Yeo (Income Insurance Limited)


Mohamad Nazri Ahmad (AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd)


Sam Callaghan (Direct Asia Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd)


Kenneth Yap (FWD Singapore Pte Ltd)


Norman Bay (Income Insurance Limited)


Gabriel Wee (India International Insurance Pte Ltd)


Andy Foo (Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd)


Ivan Ho (MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)


Jayadas Kandiah (QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd)


Srajudeen S/O Syed Sulaiman (Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd)


Choo Kwang Meng (Commercial Affairs Department)


Alan Kit (Commercial Affairs Department)


IUMI 2025 Organising Committee


Mack Eng (MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)


Elaine Wong (Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd)


Ivan Sit (China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)


Chong Ai Mei (Great American Insurance Company)


Shailja Bhatara (India International Insurance Pte Ltd)


Justin Xu (Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft, Singapore Branch)


Alex Lim (QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd)


Tan Beng Tee (Singapore Maritime Foundation)


Priscilla Foo(Swiss Re Asia Pte Ltd )

Marine Committee


Yasar Fistikci (Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd)


 Mark Watts (Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd)


Tan Woei Chi(AXA XL)


Paul Hackett (Canopius Asia Pte. Ltd.)


Nicholas White (Glaven Marine Pte Ltd)


Wang Meixian (Kuok Group Singapore)


Yu Bo (Markel International Singapore Pte Ltd)


Ramachandran Radakrishnan (QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd)


Leong Kah Wah (Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP)


Tan Beng Tee (Singapore Maritime Foundation)


Alexandros Ampatzis (Starr International Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd)


Medical Committee


Adrian Vincent (FWD Singapore Pte. Ltd.)


Yeoh Kai Tze (Cigna Europe Insurance Co S.A. - N.V., Singapore Branch)


Keerti Sethia (HSBC Life (Singapore) Pte. Ltd)


Susan Ong (Income Insurance Limited)


Esther Lee (Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd)


Daren Ng (MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)


Iris Chan (Raffles Health Insurance Pte. Ltd.)


Allan Han (Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd)


 Motor Committee 


Hicham Raissi (Allianz Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd)

Deputy Convenor 

Mekavathanan Sarangapani (India International Insurance Pte Ltd)


Joey Cheong (AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd)


Chia Ka Wei (EQ Insurance Company Limited)


Christopher Chionh (HSBC Life (Singapore) Pte. Ltd)


Susan Ting (Income Insurance Limited)


Roy Wong (Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd)


Kamini Kanagalingam (MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)


Barry Robinson (QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd)


Alvino Kor (Singapore Life Ltd)


Valencia Lee (Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd)


Talent  Committee


Hng Keng Yoong (Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited)


Chervina Cheng (AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd)


Erin Kim (Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited)


Deidre Ong (Income Insurance Limited)


Celine Rose (Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd)


Sharon Teo (MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)


Shalini Pavithran (Singapore College of Insurance)


Work Injury Compensation Committee 


Scott Spaven (AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd.)


Berlin Lim (AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd.)


Ng Kok Hee (Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd (Singapore Branch))


Celine Goh (Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company)


Rico Li (Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited)


Vernon Ong (EQ Insurance Company Limited)


Tracy Tan (ERGO Insurance Pte. Ltd.)


Vikki Tan (Income Insurance Limited)


Zuhaidah Bte Samsuri (India International Insurance Pte Ltd)


Lim Wan Yen (Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd)


Rachel Teo (MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)


Rachel Pu (QBE Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd)


Ng Chee Meng (Singapore Life Ltd)


Audrey Lim (Sompo Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd.)


Lee Li Li (Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd)




Finance & Tax Workgroup


Adrian Chua (Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd)


Howard Goh (AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd)


Ury Gan (Income Insurance Limited)


Jason Tan (Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd)


Chock Ker Ching (MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd)


Sustainable Underwriting Workgroup 


Rebecca Rowan (Great Eastern General Insurance Limited)


Ed Rayfield (AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd.)


Yann Marmonier (Canopius Asia Pte. Ltd.)


Lin Dapeng (China Taiping Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)


Jeremy Lian (MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. )


Chia Ko Wen (Singapore Life Ltd)


Christy Yeo(Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Singapore Branch))


GIA Representatives Sitting On External Committees

Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) 


Mr A K Cher (Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd) 

Deputy Chairperson

Ms Kamini Kanagalingam (MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd)


Mr Jegaprakash Yogarajah (AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd.)


Mr Vincent Ho (HSBC Life (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)


Mr Mekavathanan Sarangapani (India International Insurance Pte Ltd)


Mr Eddie Loke (Income Insurance Limited)

Alternate Councillors 

Ms Jenny Pe (Income Insurance Limited)


ASEAN Insurance Council

Member: Mr. Ronak Shah (GIA President)


East Asian Insurance Congress (EAIC)

Executive Board: Mr. Ronak Shah (GIA President)


Institute of Banking and Finance

Member: Mr. Ronak Shah (GIA President)


International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI)

Representative: Mr. Paul Hackett


Singapore College of Insurance (SCI)

Board of Governors: Mr. Ronak Shah (GIA President) and Mr. Andrew Yeo (GIA Vice-President)



GIA Past Presidents




Tan Hoay Gie

1966 – 1967

A.G. Mackenzie


A.D. Moodie


Maurice C. Lee


Tan Hoay Gie


A.T. Shimpi


Chew Loy Kiat

1973 – 1975

A.T. Shimpi

1976 – 1979

Tan Hoay Gie

1978 – 1979

Hwang Soo Jin

1980 – 1981

Koh Bee Chye

1982 – 1983

Teo Kwang Whee

1984 – 1985

Hwang Soo Jin

1986 – 1987

Koh Bee Chye

1988 – 1989

Peter Lee Bong Soo

1990 – 1991

Peter Yap Kim Kee

1992 – 1993

David Chan Mun Wai

1994 – 1995

Loo Sun Mun

1996 – 1997

Albert Koh

1998 – 1999

Seow Nee Chek


Law Song Keng

2001 – 2002

Terence Tan

2003 – 2004

Derek Teo

2005 – 2013

A.K. Cher

2013 – 2018

Karl Hamann

2018 – 2019 (Jun)

A K Cher

2019 (Jun) – 2020 (Mar)

Craig Ellis

2020 (Mar) - 2022 

Ronak Shah

2022 - Present



GIA Secretariat

The GIA Secretariat is charged with all operations at the GIA.

The secretariat supports the Management Committee and the GIA members with the implementation of all GIA activities.

Ho Kai Weng
Chief Executive

Agents' Registration Board

Texas Hong
Director, Insurance & Agents’ Registration Board

Vanessa Lim 
Senior Executive, Agents' Registration Board & Membership

Helen Lum 
Administrator, Distribution


Corporate Communications Department

Jessica Li
Senior Manager, Communications and Sustainability

Ashley Kok
Senior Executive, Communications and Marketing


Corporate Services Department

Lee Qing
Assistant Manager, Corporate Services and Communications

Rosalind Cher
Customer Service Officer


Insurance Department

Texas Hong
Director, Insurance & Agents’ Registration Board

Sharon Chen 
Assistant Manager, Insurance

Cynthia Chan 
Senior Executive, Insurance

Iris Ng
Administrator, Insurance