Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has become essential to safeguard one against unforeseen circumstances. It provides you with peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances which result in any possible losses before, during and even after a vacation or overseas trip. Unforeseen circumstances include cancellation of trip due to serious illness, accidental injury, high medical bills, travel disruption, loss of personal belongings and personal liability.

Types of Travel Insurance

Single Trip: A short term policy covering a specific trip, usually commencing from and returning to Singapore.

Annual Cover: A policy issued for a one-year period covering trips commencing from and returning to Singapore, undertaken by the insured person(s) during the policy year, subject to its terms and conditions.

Individual Plan: A policy covering the policyholder or any other individual person.

Family Plan: A policy covering the policyholder and his immediate family. A cap may be imposed on the number of insured persons under a Family Plan policy



What Should You Consider before Buying Travel Insurance?

Everyone’s needs and expectations differ but some useful factors to consider include:

How frequently do you travel?
Frequent travellers may want to consider purchasing an Annual Cover instead of Single Trip policies for each trip.

Where are you travelling to?
The cost of travel insurance will differ depending on the location of your destination. Most travel insurance have territorial limits. insurers usually divide the world map into different geographical regions / zones. A common classification will be ASEAN / Asia / Worldwide.

Where are you travelling to? Is there convenient access to medical facilities and is the destination prone to natural disasters or inclement weather?
If you are travelling to a destination with inadequate medical facilities, comprehensive medical coverage that covers you for medical treatment costs and emergency medical evacuation may be required.