Agents Management Framework

The revised GIARR shall come into force with effect from 1 January 2015.


For Agents’ Reference


General Insurance Agents Registration Regulations (GIARR)
Strict Compliance with Section 9 - Disclosure and Restriction of Other Interests

We wish to remind all General Insurance Agents to comply strictly with Section 9(vi) of the GIARR;-

"An Agent shall not be an employee or a director or any person engaged or contracted for the operations of, or a shareholder of or a debenture holder in or have any interest in any company, firm or business enterprise which is in the business of a:-

  • a) General insurer; or
  • b) Insurance loss adjuster
    • without the prior written approval of the Board

The Board shall have the sole discretion to withdraw or revoke such approval on written notice to the Agent."

All general insurance agents are to ensure that all their declarations of interests are current and accurate at the point of registration, subsequently at each renewal of the registration, and whenever there are changes affecting such declarations. They must be fully aware of all their responsibilities under the regulations set out in the GIARR and comply with these regulations.

From Secretariat, Agency Registration Board GIA


2016 Premium Payment Framework [effective 1 September 2016]