Travel Insurance

Loss or Damage to Personal Effects

Frequently Asked Questions

A) Will I be covered for loss of personal effects if I lose my belongings while travelling?

Most travel policies will cover you for accidental loss or damage to personal effects while overseas subject to the specific terms, conditions and limits of the travel policy you have purchased. One important condition which will be in all policies, and that you should be aware of, is that you are expected to ensure that you take basic precautions to protect your belongings and prevent loss. This is reasonable as you are in a foreign country where crime and social conditions are different.

The duty of care is simply the basic care that you would take to protect yourself and your belongings if you do not have insurance, and would have to bear the loss yourself. There will inevitably be exclusions under any policy so you should read your policy conditions carefully. Typically, consumable and perishable items will not be covered and loss of money must be due to theft.


B) I was travelling in Europe and was just about to board a train when I felt a tug on my shoulder. I looked around and discovered that someone had snatched my sling bag away. How can I make a claim?

You should first make a police report of the incident and submit your claim when you return. You should provide supporting documents to substantiate your losses, for example, purchase receipts which will help to establish the date of original purchase and cost of item. If you are unable to provide such documents, there will be adjustments made to the claim amount to factor in this uncertainty as well as for wear and tear. This is reasonable as an item will inevitably lose value over time due to usage and being exposed to external elements, especially luggage which nature of use may be handled by many parties.


C) Is loss or damage to items or personal effects due to negligence, omission and carelessness of the insured covered under the travel insurance policy?

No, such claims are not covered under travel insurance.