Travel Insurance

Baggage Delay

Frequently Asked Questions

A) What can I claim for if I do not receive my baggage upon arrival at my destination?

This will be covered under the Baggage Delay section of a travel policy. Typically the policy will cover you if your luggage has been delayed, misdirected or temporarily misplaced by any carrier for a specified number of hours from the time of your arrival at the scheduled destination abroad, or upon your return to Singapore at the end of the journey. Most policies are on a cash benefit basis for this section, but there are some policies which are on a reimbursement basis. You should read your policy wording carefully


B) How do I submit a claim for baggage delay and what documents will I need to provide?

If you cannot locate your baggage at the designated baggage belt, you should proceed to the airline counter to make a Property Irregularity Report. This report will state the number and details of bags missing and serve as a record for the airline to initiate a search for your missing bag(s). When the bag(s) is found, the airline will arrange for the delivery of your bag to your designated address. You should ensure that you sign off on the form with date and time of receipt so that your insurer is able to compute the number of hours of delay. If the bag(s) is to be delivered when you are not around, you should try to arrange for someone, for example the hotel reception, to make a note of the date and time of delivery.


Upon arrival at your destination, you could not locate your bag. You incurred expenses of $400 to purchase some clothing and toiletries. The airline eventually located your bag and delivered it to you 18 hours later. If your policy is on a cash benefit basis, paying $200 for every 6 hours of delay up to a maximum of $1,000, you will receive $600 in cash benefit for the 18 hours delay i.e. $200 x (18 hours / 6 hours). You will not be able to claim for the expenses incurred on top of this cash benefit. If your policy is on a reimbursement basis up to a maximum of $500, you will be reimbursed up to the $400 maximum provided you are able to substantiate your expenses with supporting documents and receipts.