Host Companies

The GIP Application Process

1. Understanding your career goals

The GIP opens for registration in January each year. Applications are screened and eligible candidates will be invited for a Preliminary interview where the GIA team will discuss your career aspirations, and learn of your skill sets, strengths, and communication skills.


2. Matched to an internship position that can support your career goals

Candidates are shortlisted from the Preliminary interview and matched to suitable internship positions. Upon successful placement, candidates will proceed to the final interview with the prospective host company.

During this interview, applicants will meet their host company mentors and/or HR representatives and learn about their roles and internship job scope.


3. Pre-Internship Training

Unique to the GIP, each batch of interns undergoes pre-internship training by industry guest trainers, on basic insurance principles and a sharing on the different career routes in the industry, such as in Claims, Loss Adjusting, Broker, Underwriting, and more.

This enables the interns to onboard and adapt more efficiently with their host companies.


4. Internship Attachment

The interns will spend the next 10-12 weeks with their host companies where a pre-assigned mentor will offer guidance on how to navigate the industry in the intern’s current role.


5. Mid-Internship Review

To ensure that each intern receives the most out of their internship stints, GIP will conduct a mid-internship review to understand the intern’s experience thus far. All interns are encouraged to share their thoughts and feedback.


6. Post-Internship Exclusives

All GIP alumni have the opportunity to be invited to networking events and activities organised by GIA, including HR networking events.