General insurers and related organisations operating in the insurance sector are welcome to participate.

To sign-up as a host company please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our Contact Us form.

The GIA Internship Programme, better known as the GIP, was established in June 2008 by the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) to allow young talents the chance to experience the general insurance industry and discover the varied career opportunities available. Conducted annually, the main objective of the programme is to develop future leaders of the industry and offer a meaningful and stimulating internship experience.

Interns are attached to host companies for a period of 10-12 weeks during the May to August period and are each assisgned an internship mentor who will provide guidance and coaching throughout the attachment.

Each year, participating host companies offer a myraid of internship positions ranging from Acturary, Underwriting to Finance, Marketing and IT.

There are no restrictions on the course of study and undergraduates from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

The GIP offers a unique structured internship programme. All GIP interns undergo a week long Pre-Internship Training to familiarize them with basic insurance principles before embarking on their official attachments with their host companies.

With a focus on practical professional experience, each GIP intern is assigned a personal mentor who will provide guidance and coaching throughout the internship. Interns also follow a structured work plan, allowing each intern to make the most of their internships.

GIP interns are also invited to networking events, allowing them to interact and meet industry practitioners.

GIA is committed to providing the selected interns with practical training opportunities related to each individual's field of study and stated professional goals. GIA cannot guarantee placements of desired length, at desired geographical locations or at preferred companies. However, individual suggestions and preferences are taken into consideration whenever possible. Generally, most interns are placed with the companies of their choice.

Interns' decisions to accept or decline a training placement offer should be based solely on the professional relevance of the training (and not on location or company). If, after an interview with a potential host company, the intern has concerns about the nature or quality of the offered training, he should address the issue with the GIA. If the GIA determines that the intern's concerns are valid, he will be offered another placement opportunity.

Interns are selected based on a holistic approach and considers.

The main factors that GIA weighs when making selection decisions are professional preparation and the relevance of the candidate's stated goals to the GIP mission. And it is only open to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents.