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Careers in General Insurance


A mathematician employed by an insurance company to calculate premiums, reserves, dividends, pension and annuity rates using risk factors obtained from experience tables. An actuary is a highly trained specialist who provides statistical information and is the main person responsible for all technical aspects of the insurance and insurance-related fields, particularly in actuarial liabilities and calculations to analyse and solve complex business and social problems involving insurance to employee benefit programs.

GIA Internship Programme

The GIA Internship Programme (or GIP as it is commonly known) is an annual talent development initiative introduced in 2008 to provide undergraduates with the opportunity to experience the dynamic general insurance industry.

Interns are attached to participating host companies for a period of 10-12 weeks, working under the guidance of a mentor. The GIP is typically during the May-August semester break.

A testament to the success of the GIP, over 260 interns have benefitted over the past 10 years, establishing its positions as a world-class internship programme.