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1. Call-for-Proposals Document 

2. Price Schedule 

3. Non-Disclosure Agreement (Great Eastern Life) 

4. Non-Disclosure Agreement (IHiS) 

5. Additional Bidder Information (All bidders must submit this document) 

6. List of Prospective Bidders 

7. Q&A Part 1 *updated 8 April 2021*

8. Q&A Part 2 *updated 12 April 2021*




Who can bid? 

1. Is the Call-for-Proposals (CFP) open to an overseas solution provider?

A: The CFP is not restricted to Singapore-based companies. However, overseas bidders need to make a case why not having a physical presence in Singapore is not an insurmountable risk/not a deal-breaker. Specifically, do take note of paragraph 5.1 of the CFP document, i.e. bidders shall have the familiarity and experience with the HIIP use cases, including the processes, data requirements and relevant regulations in Singapore.

Prospective bidders that do not name a Singapore-based entity for the NDA will not be given the additional information in 6.2.2.

2. Is consortium submission acceptable? If yes what are the criteria for the consortium members?
3. Is this pilot project open to all type of companies to submit a proposal for?

A: Bids by corsortia are acceptable and should make clear the roles of each party and who will be the contracting parties. Bidders may consider a consortium useful to show their familiarity and experience with the HIIP use cases, including the processes, data requirements and relevant regulations, and their ability to deliver the full solution. Bidders may add parties to their consortium between the indication of interest and submitting the bid.


Bid Process 

1. All clarification will close after 29 March, can we still send after 29 March if we do have questions?
A: We will take stock of all questions received by 29 March and publish an answer to the combined questions to all prospects. We will collect questions for another 2 weeks until 12 April and publish an answer to the combined questions to all prospects.

2. Will there be a briefing after expression of interest and sending in of clarification questions? If yes when would that likely take place?
A: We will consider holding a briefing after 29 March.

3. When would bidders be expected to know the outcome of their submission?
A: Depending on the bids received, we may take longer to finish reviewing all. The final outcome can be expected by June and the MVP live pilot started 6 months after.



Healthcare and insurance cross-sector alliance invites proposals to develop integrated platform for hospitalisation claims to kickstart pilot programme


Singapore, 15 March 2021 — The cross-sector alliance between Singapore’s healthcare and insurance sectors, represented by the General Insurance Association Singapore (GIA Singapore), Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA Singapore) and Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) have jointly announced a Call-for-Proposal (CFP) to develop an end-to-end health insurance claims platform to improve patient experience and enhance operational efficiency. This initiative aligns with the nation’s move towards a digital, innovation-driven economy that would bring wider benefits to Singaporeans.

The CFP will open from 15 March 2021, and close on 26 April 2021. Interested parties are required to express their interest and submit their clarifications to the nominated email address stated in the CFP document by 29 March 2021.

The integrated platform aims to bring the following benefits to patients, healthcare providers, and insurers:

Convenient access to patient’s insurance policy details – Healthcare providers will be able to retrieve details of patient’s relevant policy coverage information for Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) and Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance (GH&S), to ascertain if admission deposit can be waived.

Faster claims processing – Healthcare providers can submit claims digitally to the insurers on behalf of patients, and insurers can obtain necessary billing and medical data digitally from the healthcare providers.

Seamless authorisation of data release – Patients will be able to authorise the release of relevant data, including medical records and insurance policy details, to insurers or healthcare providers, digitally through their Singpass app.

Timelier exchange of data – Healthcare providers can provide timely bill information and updates of the patients’ status, including the length of hospitalisation stays, to both patients and insurers. This allows insurers to quickly provide updates on the estimated claimable amount.

The participating organisations for this pilot include KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore General Hospital (SGH), and The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited (GEL). The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Once developed, the integrated platform will be deployed as a live pilot with policyholders from the participating insurer being the first to gain access. The end objective is to scale the platform for nation-wide adoption.

Mr Ho Kai Weng, Chief Executive, GIA Singapore, said, “The demand for healthcare and insurance services are expected to exponentially increase alongside Singapore’s ageing population, with one in four reaching 65 years of age or older by 2030. This Call-for-Proposal aims to build a unified ecosystem to improve the patient experience by increasing interoperability between the healthcare and insurance industries as well as eliminating cost inefficiencies.”

Ms Pauline Lim, Executive Director, LIA Singapore, said, “Ensuring policyholders receive timely and quality support for their healthcare needs is the foremost priority for life insurers. This cross-sector pilot programme reflects the insurance industry’s commitment to leverage digitalisation to future-proof its ability to meet increased patient demand by enhancing the end-to-end hospitalisation experience.”

Mr Guai Eng Chun, Assistant Chief Executive, IHiS, said, “Traditionally, the insurance claims process for patient care has been largely paper-based due to the need for information exchanges between multiple systems by different healthcare institutions and insurers. This may take up to months and inconvenience patients. By bringing together healthcare and insurance institutions and facilitating a harmonised and secure data exchange, we look forward to playing an active role for public healthcare in co-developing an integrated ecosystem which will bring more convenience to patients and speed up the end-to-end claim process through this Call-for-Proposal.”

Mr Patrick Kok, Managing Director, Group Operations, Great Eastern said, “We are happy to be the insurer to support this industry pilot, which aligns very well with our focus on customer-centricity. The move towards an integrated platform will be a significant step towards providing a seamless healthcare-insurance claims journey for our customers. We look forward to the delivery of a better and more transparent experience, so that our customers can be fully aware and make informed healthcare decisions.”

Timelines for the CFP are as follows:
- 15 March 2021: CFP opens
- 29 March 2021: Interested parties must express their interest and submit their clarifications
- 26 April 2021:Deadline for final submissions