We thank Mr Goh Eng Koon, Madam Lum Sook Meng and Madam Diana Lim Sok Mun for their letters (Take action against workshops that submit inflated claims, Sept 28; Did car dealer's action cost us our full claim?, Oct 3; Time to stop dishonest workshops from taking people for a ride, Oct 3).

We agree that cases of inflated claims must be addressed in a clear, transparent and objective manner.

Prompt submission of evidence is critical for your case to be evaluated fairly and for a settlement to be reached.

This can be achieved more easily when all parties play their part, guided by the Motor Claims Framework established by the General Insurance Association.

If you are involved in a motor accident, remember to exchange particulars, take photos of the scene and damage to vehicles involved and report the accident to your vehicle insurer by the next working day for your evidence to be recorded promptly.

These actions must be taken regardless of how minor the damage is to either vehicle.

Claimants making third-party damage claims must also allow the other motorist's insurer to inspect the damaged vehicle within two working days before starting any repair works.

The pre-repair inspection guidelines require a joint inspection of the vehicle damage to be made by a motor surveyor who is mutually agreed on by the claimant's workshop and the other motorist's insurer.

This aligns everyone on the extent of the damage and scope of repair required.

Insurers will review the evidence submitted by all the parties and reports from the pre-repair inspection to make the decision on resolving the claim.

An appeal to the insurer can be made if you are unsatisfied with the outcome, failing which, you can contact the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre to help resolve the matter.

Ho Kai Weng
Chief Executive
General Insurance Association of Singapore