We thank Mr Yong Chai Yim for his letter (Stringent guidelines needed on car accident claims; July 7).

A set of pre-repair survey guidelines have been in place since April 2016 for motorists making claims to their vehicles.

It requires a joint inspection of the vehicle damage to be made by a motor surveyor mutually agreed on by the insurers of the claimant and the defendant.This is aimed at improving transparency in the submission of damage claims.

It helps all parties to agree on the extent of the damage and the scope of the repair to be done.This pre-repair survey framework is adopted by all motor insurers in Singapore.

Motorists should seek clarification with their insurer on any repair bill they receive as their insurer would have considered the third-party claim against the pre-repair survey guidelines.

The general insurance industry also looks into cases of inflated and fraudulent claims.

The General Insurance Association of Singapore as the industry's trade association, has launched an online fraud reporting form (https://gia.org.sg/consumers/contact-us.html)

Ho Kai Weng
Chief Executive
General Insurance Association of Singapore