The Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) is an independent body that was set up by insurers in 1975 and is funded by all motor insurers in Singapore. Its main purpose is to compensate people injured in road accidents caused by negligent untraced or uninsured motorists. The MIB provides a safeguard for consumers who are victims in road accidents. The MIB's registered office is at 180 Cecil Street, Bangkok Bank Building, #15-02, Singapore 069546.



What is the scope of the MIB's work?

The MIB provides compensation for bodily injury claims only, in accordance with the "Agreements" MIB has with all motor insurers and with the Government.

> The "Agreements" require the MIB to consider compensation for victims of 'hit and run' accidents where the motor vehicle is untraced

> The "Agreements" also require the MIB to meet unsatisfied Court Judgements against identified motorists who may have been uninsured

*"Agreements" refer to the set of agreements including:

(1) Agreement between the Minister for Finance (now assigned to the Public Trustee) and MIB,

(2) Agreement between MIB and its Members, as well as Three sets of Supplemental Agreements and a Deed of Assignment.



In what circumstances should I approach the MIB?

You should only approach the MIB after you have made reasonable enquiries to determine if the motorist who has caused the accident is untraced or uninsured. Those enquires will include but not necessarily be limited to contacting the uninsured motorist, the Traffic Police to confirm if accident has been reported, and obtaining details of the registration of the vehicle from the Land Transport Authority. Applications must be submitted in writing, within three years from the date of the accident.



What will happen when I contact the MIB?

For accidents caused by an untraced motorist, the MIB will require you or your solicitors to complete an application form to explain what happened, give details of your injuries and an authority to obtain evidence from others such as your doctor and employer.

Where an uninsured motorist is involved, you may be required to obtain a judgment against the uninsured motorist.



How do I contact the MIB?

You can call the MIB on 6220 8607 or visit the office at 180 Cecil Street, Bangkok Bank Building, #15-02, Singapore 069546



What happens after I have completed and returned the application forms?

The MIB will acknowledge receipt and explain what action is being taken, which action will vary depending on the facts and the information you have been able to provide. The MIB will conduct an investigation based on this information.



What form will the investigation take?

External parties will undertake the investigation work for the MIB. They may interview you and obtain a full statement about the accident and your injuries. The scene of the accident may be visited, a plan prepared and witnesses may be interviewed. Medical evidence may be obtained and if you have any loss of earnings, evidence may be taken from your employer.



How long will my claim take?

This is difficult to predict as many different factors are involved. It may be necessary to wait until investigations are completed. MIB will make every effort to reach a decision on responsibility as quickly as possible.



What happens when investigations have been completed?

Responsibility for the accident has to be agreed on or decided by the Council of the MIB or by a Court. Your claim may be reduced or rejected, if the evidence shows that you were partly or completely at fault.



Who pays for the MIB?

The MIB is funded by all motor insurers in Singapore. Motor insurers are required by the Government to pay a share of the MIB's costs. Members pay their share by way of contributions which are based on a proportion of their motor business premiums for the previous year.



How is the MIB Administered?

The MIB Council, which is comprised of representatives from the leading motor insurers and the Government, assesses all claims and determines their validity.



What can I do if I think I have grounds for complaint?

The MIB deals with all claims in accordance with service standards. However, if you are dissatisfied, please write to the MIB through your solicitor. MIB will then forward your appeal to the Public Trustee, whose decision is final.