Telemedicine claims will also be covered as part of industry’s support efforts for Singaporeans amid the COVID-19 pandemic


Singapore, 5 May 2020 - The Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA Singapore) and General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA Singapore) today announced that coverage will be extended to cover COVID-19 patients admitted to a Community Care Facility (CCF) or Community Recovery Facility (CRF)1 for up to 14 days after they are transferred from a hospital. This is with immediate effect until the closure of the last CCF or CRF in Singapore.

Outpatient telemedicine claims will also be covered with immediate effect.

These are concerted efforts by insurers to provide additional support for policyholders amid the COVID-19 pandemic and especially in light of Singapore’s extension of the circuit breaker period to 1 June 2020.

Policyholders should seek information on coverage benefits provided by their policies from their financial advisor, insurance broker and/or insurer via digital, email, and telephone channels2. Employers with group policies are advised to engage their insurers about their specific corporate coverage. Benefits are subject to existing policy terms and conditions of the respective insurers.

Claims for daily hospital cash benefit from individuals who contravene government travel advisories will not be paid3.

Daily Hospital Cash Benefit for Patients in Community Care Facilities (CCFs) and Community Recovery Facilities (CRFs)

Patients first admitted to a hospital for COVID-19 before being transferred to a CCF or CRF may claim hospital cash benefits for a maximum of 14 days for their stay in the facility until they are discharged. This is in addition to the hospital cash benefit payouts they will receive for their stay in hospital. The subsequent stay at a CCF or CRF must be deemed medically necessary because the patient has been tested positive for the virus and cannot be discharged.

The extension of daily hospital cash benefit coverage is provided under existing Integrated Shield Plans (IPs), hospital income plans and group insurance.

This benefit would apply in addition to the Government fully covering the costs of treatment and isolation of Singapore Residents and Long-term Pass Holders in CCFs and CRFs.

Outpatient Telemedicine Claims amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Outpatient telemedicine claims will be covered by IPs and relevant group insurance plans. For IP policies, claims will be covered under IP’s pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation coverage.

Pay-outs for outpatient telemedicine claims will also be made under group medical insurance policies and other policies that provide coverage for physical outpatient consultations.

Claims will be assessed and subject to individual insurers’ policy terms and conditions.

1-CCFs and CRFs are Government-designated facilities set up to provide care to clinically well and/or stable COVID-19 patients until they are no longer infectious. Examples of CCFs include D’Resort, Singapore EXPO, and Changi Exhibition Centre. CRFs are located in several SAF camps. New CCFs and CRFs may be set up as and when required by the Government. For more information, see

2-Please visit for contact details of life insurers offering individual IP plans and/or group plans, and for contact details of general insurers offering group and/or non-IP individual health plans.

3-No hospitalisation coverage for individuals who violate Singapore's travel advisory and are admitted for suspected COVID-19: