About GIA

Established in 1966, the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) constantly works to make all aspects of general insurance easier and more effective for consumers, agents and insurers based in Singapore.

As a Trade Association, we are actively involved in the business community representing the interests of our member companies. We assist in identifying emerging trends and responds to issues affecting the General Insurance industry. We seek to promote the overall growth and development of the Singapore General Insurance sector.

We are constantly improving our processes to adapt in the ever-changing business landscape, to ensure that our mission and structure continue to meet the business needs of our member companies.

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Mission & Vision

The GIA Constitution empowers the Management Committee to embark on activities that promote and advance the common interests of members and the general insurance industry through:

  • Fostering public confidence in, and respect for, the insurance industry
  • Representing members' interests to Government, trade organisations, similar associations and bodies in other industries
  • Establishing a sound insurance structure and promotion of greater efficiency within the industry
  • Promoting education and training in all aspects of insurance
  • Being a good corporate citizen

GIA Secretariat

The GIA Secretariat is charged with all operations at the GIA. The secretariat supports the Management Committee and the GIA members with the implementation of all GIA activities.

Ho Kai Weng
Chief Executive

Jimmy Tan
Technical Director

Melvin Fun
Head, Finance

Texas Hong
Manager, Agents’ Registration Board & Membership

Jessica Li
Assistant Manager, Corporate Communications

Sharon Chen
Assistant Manager, Technical

Iris Ng
Senior Executive, Technical

Cynthia Chan
Executive, Technical

Winston Lim
Senior Executive, Corporate Communications

Jonathan Ooi
Executive, Corporate Communications

Giorson Lum
Senior Executive, Distribution

Helen Lum
Administrator, Distribution

Tan Yan Lin
Executive, Finance/Admin

Rosalind Cher
Customer Service Officer

The 4 Core Values of GIA Secretariat:

  • Group Effort: To execute strategies by the committees in Group Effort
  • Industry Driven: To be Industry Driven in our approach  
  • Accountable: To be Accountable to members
  • Sense of Urgency: To have a Sense of Urgency in dealing with all issues facing the members


About the GIA Logo

The new GIA corporate mark was designed to perfectly balance two sets of needs which are equally vital and yet seemingly at odds with each other. Firstly, the mark has to reflect the strengths that come the association’s rich organisational history. These include qualities such as Credibility, Respectability, Sophistication, Elegance and International appeal.

To forge ahead with the times, the logo also embraces the future, seeking to be Personable, Dynamic, Bold, Versatile and Contemporary.

To achieve these goals, the new logo carefully blends elements of the old and the new into a coherent and dynamic design.