How can you make sure your workshop is not charging more than it should?

You are advised that following an accident, you should go to an authorised workshop of your insurer for repairs (even if you are claiming against the other party).

You are strongly advised not to have any dealings with unauthorised tow-truck operators at the scene of accident. You are also advised not to send your damaged vehicle to any unauthorised repair workshop to avoid complications of your claim.

Please exercise caution when signing any documents you are presented with.

What to do in the event of an accident outside Singapore?

You should make a report at the nearest Police Station in the country the accident occurred. If you require advice and assistance, please call your insurance company.

Do I need to report an accident if a private settlement is made?

Yes, always report all accidents to your insurer even if you have made a private settlement. This is for recording purposes because you cannot be fully certain that the other party will not file a claim against you later. By not reporting the accident, your claim may be prejudiced or declined later by insurers.

What do I need to do if I would like to use my private car to ferry passengers for a fee?

You should approach insurers to expand their motor policy to cover “hire and reward” usage.